The Lab's research interests reflects ongoing work in various aspects of computational biology, and growing links with both basic scientists and clinicians at Einstein and at Montefiore Hospital.

Genome, Epigenome and Microbiome Informatics

The digitization of genetic information, and the subsequent developments in high throughput sequencing technologies, has without question revolutionized the life sciences, and the discipline of genetics in particular. The collection, processing and interpretation of such diverse and information rich data remains an ongoing area of research from an informatics perspective, combining many different strands in computational science ranging from algorithmic development and hardware optimization, to the application of techniques in artificial intelligence and computer vision. The importance of such work cannot be understated as if we are to be able to deal with the exponential growth in raw sequence data, combined with increasing diversity of sequence assays, we need smart, innovative and scaleable computing solutions to keep pace. The lab is devoted to the development of such solutions applicable to a range of problems in genome, epigenome and microbiome analysis by applying ideas and methodologies from other disciplines such as astrophysics, computer science and high performance computing.